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Homework ‘The VS Way’

We want children to rest, relax and enjoy their time at home at the end of the day as the school day can be a very busy one. However, learning at home can help with learning at school. Here are our guidelines for homework from each syndicate:

Paetoki Syndicate:

Look for your child’s spelling in this book. Each week they will have 10 words to work on. When you feel they have learnt to spell the word well, then sign next to the word. During the term the children will have tests to see how they are going. Once all words have been achieved, they move up to the next list.

Spell the word forwards and backwards

Spelling - Writing each letter in a different colour (if your child is art smart, different colours can help them see the patterns of words).
Spell the word as you walk around. Shoot a goal or hit a ball for every letter
Use a whiteboard or magnet letters to make the word.

Reading – 10-20 minutes reading each night or as much as your family life allows you to do. Your child can be provided with a reader but if they are already reading their own book at home that should take priority. The more personal reading your child does, the more their reading improves. If you can ask them a couple of questions about what they are reading involving the storyline, characters, setting that will aide in comprehension (see the sheet provided in the back of your child’s home learning book)

Maths – each week a basic facts sheet will be glued inside your child’s home learning book. They should be able to complete most of independently, but may need help with some. Please practice these with your child. If you can play additional math games with your child at home that would also be helpful, they should know a few from school. 


Huatoki syndicate:

The Huatoki syndicate would like home reading to be done each night. There may also be spelling and some maths homework too.  
The homework is on a weekly sheet and stuck into your child's homework book.  These sheets may vary slightly between classrooms.
Children are expected to bring their homework book with them to school every day.

Taranaki Syndicate:

The homework we have for the Taranaki Syndicate is regular daily reading and a few spelling words each week.

Children will have a home reader to read each night except Friday (one that they have read at school that day) to read with a family member at a time that suits the family. This gives the children a chance to practise their reading. We ask that parents record the name of the book in their child’s reading notebook and sign to show they have heard their child read.

The children will have a few spelling words recorded in their reading notebook to learn. We ask that to learn these words they need to look at the word, say the word, cover it up, practise writing the word and then check.

They can repeat this process with each word. If you have magnetic letters at home they can make the words using these.

Please continue to read your child bedtime stories. This is a lovely time to share with your child and is an important part of learning to read.

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