Dad’s and Daughter’s 2017

We had an awesome breakfast for the Dad’s and Daughter’s on Thursday morning! It was an early start for the Vogeltown Staff – 5.45am!!!

We had so much fun – breakfast, a quiz and some activities and then we visited classrooms before the Dad’s had to go to work.

Check out some of the photos:

IMG_0873 IMG_0872 IMG_0871 IMG_0870 IMG_0869 IMG_0868







Big Aroha!

Today we had a very special end of term assembly! We all dressed up in our black gears for #projectblackout, we raised $1050 for the Wilmshurst whanau, we had our classes share artwork, stitching and facts, we had the Class Reps take the assembly, we had Batman and then we Mark Armstrong from ‘The Slacks’ perform.

What an awesome way to end the term! See the photos and video below – we even had one of our students interview Mark!!

FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender 4

Here is the video interview that Theo did with Mark:





We have had a week of ‘Try’athlons at Vogeltown this week.

We began with the ‘Whanau Tryathlon, expertly organised by Mr Ransfield! We had so much fun with teams consisting of one junior, one middle and one senior. each person in the team ran (junior), swam (middle) and biked (senior). Awesome day whanau!!

We then had the syndicate tryathlons on Thursday, followed by the Kindy tryathlon on Friday! Whew, what a week!!

Thanks to the parents and caregivers for coming along and supporting the kids.

IMG_0481 IMG_0480 IMG_0479 IMG_0478 IMG_0477 IMG_0476 IMG_0475 IMG_0474 IMG_0473 IMG_0471 IMG_0501 IMG_0502 IMG_0503 IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0506 IMG_0507 IMG_0508 IMG_0509 IMG_0510 IMG_0511 IMG_0512


What an awesome adventure we had! We are currently studying ‘Ako o te wai’ which is the study of water. The Middle and Senior Syndicate are studying the Huatoki River and the Juniors are looking at the Rocky Shore.

We left school on buses (all 360 of us) to the Puke Ariki landing where we looked at the Huatoki river that runs past our school and comes out at the Sea.

We then walked to Ngamotu Beach. Unfortuantely when we got there it rained so we had to come home! :( But that is what adventures are all about!! Well done whanau!

IMG_0495 IMG_0494 IMG_0493 IMG_0492 IMG_0491 IMG_0490 IMG_0489 IMG_0488 IMG_0487 IMG_0486 IMG_0485 IMG_0484 IMG_0483 IMG_0482