Staff Profiles

Adrienne Treadway – Room 1

I began my teaching career in England where I trained to teach and then taught for 7 years in an Infant School teaching 4-7 year olds. After moving back to NZ with my young family I found myself in New Plymouth and am delighted to be working at Vogeltown School. It has an amazing supportive staff and fantastic kids. 

I love teaching the younger children and getting them off to a great start on their learning journey.  This year I am excited to be developing a Play Based  Learning classroom and will be working on developing the outside learning environment.

Mrs OliverHeather Oliver – Room 2

I am currently teaching Yr 1 children at the Junior school.

I have taught across all levels up to Year 8 and I still love the spontaneity and fun-loving nature of the younger children. We have lots of laughs, and the progress they make in a year is amazing! This year is going to be another great year of learning and fun.

I look forward to getting to know my new class of children and their families, and building positive relationships to foster great learning in a vibrant and stimulating environment.

We have a wonderful little school and fantastic teachers who care about kids, and want to have fun!

Joanne Harold – Room 3


I began my teaching career way back in 1984 at Marfell School in New Plymouth, where I spent 3 1/2 very happy and rewarding years. I then moved to Hawera where I married the lovely Mr Harold and taught for another 3 1/2 years before starting our family. When my youngest of 3 sons turned 4, I began part-time work at Vogeltown School and have been here ever since!

My aim is to create a classroom environment that promotes positive learning experiences.  We like to have fun and smiling and laughing is compulsory. Our classroom walls are bright and colourful and filled with the children’s quality work. You are welcome to visit us any time!

Emma King – Room 4

I am a Naki girl born and bred and absolutely love teaching in New Plymouth at Vogeltown School! I did my teacher training in Dunedin and have been back here ever since.

I teach on the lovely Junior side and I aim to do lots of learning in my classroom but also have loads of fun, too! I especially like getting outside for fitness or games when possible.

My favourite things to do when I am not at school are swimming, walking, going to the beach and just relaxing in the sun!!

Being a “Vogeltowner” is definitely a privilege. I feel very lucky to work with a brilliant bunch of staff members and enthusiastic & vibrant children!

Lee Newland – Rm 5 – New Entrants

Lee taking charge!

I have had the pleasure of teaching at Vogeltown school for a number of years.
I teach in the Junior area of the school in the New Entrant Room and have the wonderful job of welcoming new 5 year olds into the school as they begin their school life at Vogeltown.

I aim to create a classroom environment that is welcoming, vibrant and conducive to learning and enjoy working in partnership with our families to ensure each 5 year olds start to school life is a happy and successful one.
I am looking forward to 2019, continuing the learning journey with some children and beginning it with others.

Leeanne Lash & Katie Stone – Room 6

Elly Fleming – Room 7

Kia ora whanau, I am an Elly Fleming in Rm 7. We get the new room this year

IMG_20150223_112855Linda Sleep & Caroline Irving – Room 8

I have been teaching at Vogeltown School for a few years, most of them at the junior school. I have since moved to the senior school and taught a year 4/5 class, Year 3/4 class and this year a straight Yr 3 class.  It is hugely rewarding seeing these children grow and learn so much throughout the year.  I have had some great experiences at Vogeltown.

Our school has terrific kids, supportive parents and community as well as hard working dedicated staff, who all help to make teaching very interesting, rewarding and, always lots of fun.  I am looking forward to working with our year 3 children in 2018!

Brent Bishop – Room 9

Kia ora, My name is Brent Bishop and I have recently completed my Bachelor of Teaching at The University of Waikato and am very excited to join the Vogeltown School community next year. My partner and I are both from New Plymouth and we love raising our young daughter in this amazing place, Taranaki.

I am very passionate about the outdoors and all sports. Cricket and rugby have been two sports in which I have spent a lot of my time playing and coaching in.

I strive to promote self-belief and teamwork and think these skills are hugely important in ensuring children are engaged and encouraged to become lifelong learners.

I am looking forward to a fantastic first year at Vogeltown!

Dani Melody – Room 10

Kia ora whanau, I am Dani Melody. I am in Rm 10 with Yr 3 and 4 kids this year.

I am originally from Hawkes Bay but moved to New Plymouth, where I started my teaching career at an Intermediate. I then had my two beautiful kids and worked as a relief teacher across all age levels, at Vogeltown School.

I love being a mum and all the adventures life has to offer. I like exercising and getting outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Taranaki landscape.

Vogeltown has such a warm and welcoming feel to it. I feel lucky to be working here and I am really looking forward to the year ahead!

Nathan Ransfield – Room 11


I have been teaching for 8 years, I have done most of my teaching in Years 3 & 4 and 7 & 8. I am looking forward to teaching Vogeltown School’s seniors as I know they have a lot of potential.

Although I am fairly new to Vogeltown, I already feel like I have been here for years. Vogeltown School has a warm friendly, positive feeling to it and I am glad that I have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Rachel Pretty – Room 12

Rachel Pretty

Teaching has been a late but very rewarding career choice for me. I started at Coastal Taranaki Area School in 2005. This was a great experience as it was a brand new school. After a few years at Coastal, I got a job at Vogeltown. I am very privileged to work with such a supportive team. They are dedicated, professional teachers with the student’s best interests at heart.

I am also lucky enough to have had my daughter attend. I offer a safe learning environment where the children are encouraged to have a go through different experiences. I believe if a child has confidence they will succeed. All children deserve the best and that is what they get at Vogeltown School.

IMG_0983Laura Seed – Room 13

I am a Taranaki girl, having lived here all of my life. My family is very sporty and you will often see myself, my husband and our 3 children out and about at various sporting arenas. My teaching career began at Vogeltown School 5 years ago and I have been lucky enough to teach students in the senior and middle school.

Vogeltown has such a warm and friendly vibe and I love to reflect this in my classroom, aiming to always have the walls full with my student’s bright and colourful learning.

Jillian Bleasdale – Room 14

I am about to begin my teaching career this year at Vogeltown School in Room 12 and I am so excited for the year ahead! I have recently moved back home to New Plymouth after spending the last four years down in Wellington studying a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Teaching. 

My aim is to create a positive classroom community where all students can feel confident and succeed. I’m hoping to bring in as many hands-on learning experiences as I can – especially as I have a passion for teaching science!

I am looking forward to being a part of the senior school team and getting to know the Room 12 students and their families over the next year. 

Bring on 2020!

IMG_20150223_112257Josh Stirling – Room 15

Kia Ora!

I am in my fourth year of teaching following a Graduate Diploma in Primary Teaching and previously completing a Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science.

I have recently moved to New Plymouth from Hamilton to take up this amazing teaching job at Vogeltown School. My motivation for teaching comes from personal experience of wanting to be a role model and make a difference. I am very excited to be teaching in the senior school, and collaborating with the children to build a positive learning environment.

Mr GeorgeMike George – DP

Kia Ora Vogeltown whanau.

I am married to Kathryn and we have three wonderful daughters, Sarah 24, Laura 21 and Sophie 19. I love everything about Vogeltown School and have been a teacher here for the past 15 years. I have taught in the Junior, Middle and Senior areas of VS. Before completing my teaching degree I was a Bank Manager with TSB Bank.

In 2019 I am a Walking Deputy Principal responsible for taking some of the pressure off Mr Ogle and helping out where needed.  Pop in and say gidday!

Jeremy Ogle – Principal

Kia Ora whanau, I am proud and honoured to be the Principal here at Vogeltown School. I spent the last 11 years as Deputy Principal at Highlands Intermediate and it is great to be back in a Primary school which is where I started my teaching career.

I grew up in Hawera where both my parents were teachers and they both continue to educate people with their wonderful Tawhiti Museum which aims to ‘bring history back to life’ through modelling, dioramas and ‘kid friendly’ stories of yesteryear. My wife is a teacher too, so I guess teaching is definitely in the blood!

I love our school vision of ‘care for the land, care for the people and go forward’ and model this each day through interactions with kids, staff and community. My door is always open if you want a chat, or come out and have a kick around with the kids at lunchtime on the field!

Vogeltown has a history of being a great school with great kids and awesome teachers. This will continue while I am here and we will continue to do things the ‘Vogeltown way’.

Ka Kite ano.