Keep Calm and EnrolA Guide to School Enrolment

When you are intending to enroll your child at Vogeltown School simply contact the school office to let us know. We will give you an enrolment pack with the forms required to filled in and return. The earlier we have enrolment details the better we can serve you children through quality education. Our principal, Jeremy Ogle, would love to meet you and answer any questions you have about the school. He is also very happy to show you around our school property. A number of further school visits (see below) will ensure a good adjustment into the school for new entrants.

Enrolment Check-list

Have you …

  • Completed and returned the enrolment form?
  • Supplied emergency contact details?
  • Completed the permission slip for school trips?
  • Completed the dental and health forms?
  • Shown your child’s birth certificate to the school?
  • Sorted/paid for stationery?

School visits – what to expect

School visits start approximately one month before your child turns five, and can number between one to three visits depending on the child. Lee Newland, our Deputy Principal and new entrant teacher, will meet with you to set up school visits and discuss aspects of the transition with you.

Your child will join the normal classroom programme to introduce them to the class routines and expectations. Your child can arrive before the morning bell at 8.55 am and stay until 11:30am. They can bring along their morning tea and have a play with the other children outside before going home.

Parents / caregivers are expected to stay with their child for the duration of the visit (this is a legal requirement).

Day One at School

Each day your child will need the following NAMED ITEMS

  • Lunch box
  • Drink bottle
  • Sunhat (Terms 1 and 4) – Vogeltown hats available for $17 at the school office
  • Togs and towel (Term 1)
  • Stationery
  • Healthy food for play and lunch time
  • Weather appropriate clothes and footwear (also named)

Day One Procedure

School starts at 8:55am.

NOTE: If for any unforeseen circumstances you are unable to attend this day as planned, the absence must still be notified asap to the Senior School Office.

You and your child will be welcomed and the day will be begin. Caregivers and parents are invited to stay as long as they feel they need to, though when your child first starts it is advisable not to stay for too long. This enables the child to settle with the other children.

We encourage independent behaviour, please support your child and encourage them to:

  • Hang up their own bag and coat
  • Put their own reading book/book bag away
  • Put sunhat and bottle in the appropriate place
  • Put their library book in the library box

Transition to School

All children mature at different rates. The following are guidelines only of what might be expected of a five-year-old starting school.


  • Sit quietly, listen to a story and talk about the story.
  • Hold a pencil/pen correctly.
  • Write their name
  • Write the lowercase letters of the alphabet
  • Write numerals to ten
  • Be able to count to ten
  • Recognise and name colours and shapes
  • Use appropriate language to talk about size
  • Recognize letters of the alphabet
  • Match some letters to the letter sound, e.g. beach b “bbb”

Some children will be achieving beyond this and some children will not yet be achieving to this level; this is a normal part of teaching outcomes.


It would be helpful if your child could:

  • Tie their own shoelaces or have appropriate footwear without laces
  • Put on/take off their shoes and socks
  • Put on/undo clothing
  • Organise own school bag, water bottle and lunch box
  • Recall name address and phone number
  • Take responsibility of belongings, without adult help