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The Taranaki Bulls visit for lunch!

Today we were lucky enough to have the 10 of the Taranaki Rugby Bulls team to visit and cook us lunch!! Of course only 3 of the boys could fit on the BBQ so the other boys spent their time signing lots of autographs, giving out prizes and playing some rugger with our kids! A huge thank to the TRFU for your help with this! And of course Rm 8 who won the chant to make this happen!!

Here are some shots from today:

img_6030 img_6048 img_6039 img_6016 img_6041 img_6031 img_6047 img_6032 img_6043 img_6034 img_6019 img_6021 img_6036 img_6020 img_6028 img_6051

Rippa Rugby Tournament

Our team won the regional tournament, the prize being an all expenses paid trip to Wellington to play in the National Rippa Rugby Tournament earlier this week.  Mr Luff (principal-coach) and Mrs Buckland (parent) were the lucky chaperones.  The team played hard over the 2 day event and even got to spend time with some of the current All Blacks.  Well done to all the children involved – we’re very proud of you!