Our school visualisation (2020)

Values of Vogeltown School

We believe that these shared values will be as important for children in the future as they are today. They should be encouraged by the school and the home so the children will reach their full potential, develop positive relationships and contribute positively to society. Our school Values are:


This acronym stands for – Inclusive, Respectful, Original, Courageous, Kind

These Values are encouraged each and every day at Vogeltown. The behaviours  we want for each of these values can be seen in our ‘Vogeltown School learners dispositions’.

A place where children will:

  • Respect themselves and others 
  • Be proud of their achievements 
  • Be proud to be a Vogeltowner 
  • Learn how to learn 
  • Want to learn 
  • Value learning and knowledge 
  • Be encouraged and supported by both staff and peers 
  • Recognise and value diversity 
  • Participate in a range of cultural activities 
  • Participate in a range of physical activities 
  • Develop a sense of social responsibility 
  • Become familiar with a range of Information Technology 
  • Care about New Zealanders and our role in the world

A place where staff:

  • Are responsive to the needs of the children
  • Enjoy working
  • Run challenging programmes
  • Have high expectations of themselves and their principal 
  • Participate in relevant professional development programmes 
  • Are supported and valued 
  • Are rigorous in reviewing their own performance

A place where the Board of Trustees will:

  • Support the principal, teaching team and support staff 
  • Monitor and control expenditure 
  • Provide and maintain an attractive and safe learning environment 
  • Reflect the wider school community

A place where the community:

  • Feels welcome and valued 
  • Is able to be involved in, and contribute to school life 
  • Is well informed about school activities