Sports Feature


Vogeltown School has annual athletics, tryathlon and cross country events to challenge the toughest parents, as well as a proud tradition of great  teams competing in many different types of sports! In fact, just quietly, we think we’ve got the best teams ever!

Swimming is an essential part of our school’s curriculum during term 1 with daily swimming sessions for all classrooms.  Recently the focus of swimming education nationwide has been on water survival alongside other more traditional water activities.  These are celebrated at the end of the swimming season with syndicate swimming sports.

Weekly sports encompass mini-ball, hockey, netball, rugby, and cricket. As of the 2015 winter season, soccer is now run through Central Soccer affiliated clubs with Woodleigh and Merrilands being the preferred choices for Vogeltown kids.

Interschool sports include Rippa Rugby (at which we ROCK!) rugby, soccer and netball.  This competition is run between primary school citywide, culminating in a grand finals tournament.

For further information about any of our school’s sporting codes – see our sports co-ordinator Mrs Margi Betteridge (usually found at the junior school office).