Maanaki Whenua – Maanaki Tangata – Haere Whakamua
Care for the land – Care for the People – Go Forward


To support our students to make the best choices they can, to become confident learners with the courage to seek a better world, and aspire to heights beyond the horizon


  • High expectations Foundation skills
  • Creativity/Exploration/Voice Respect & Responsibility
  • Love of school/learning Quality

Prayer of the School of Huatoki
Te Karakia O Te Kura O Huatoki

Whaia Nga Kete Wananga
Pursue and follow the baskets of Knowledge

Whaia, Whaia
Whaia nga kete wananga
No ahau ano te Kura o Huatoki e
Manaaki whenua
Manaaki Tangata
Kia haere whakamua ki te pae tawhiti
Whaia kia tata
Ko te pae tata whakamoua
Kia Tina! Tina!
Hui e!!! Taiki e!!!

Pursue and follow
The baskets of knowledge
To empower our school of Huatoki
To care for the land
To care for the people
That we may go forward
And aspire to heights
Beyond the horizon

Written by Mark Luff; Translated by BJ Hetet 1st October 2008.