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About us:

The Home & School Committee meet usually on a Tuesday evening at 7.00 pm in the staffroom  twice a term.  Dates for these meetings are advertised through the school newsletter, school app and via our facebook page.   The committee arrange  fundraising activities which benefit our children’s education now and in the future. Parents are welcome to come along and check out what we do.

Current office holders:

Chair – Katy Quest

Treasurer – Sharyn Stevens

Secretary – Christine Strydom

2 thoughts on “Home & School

  1. Hello there, I was wondering please if we could express interest in having our Gelato & Sorbet Ice Cream Van attend your Picnic Day coming up, or any other fundraisers that you think we could help with please.
    We are quite happy to donate a portion of turnover to your fundraisers.

    Our Gelato and Sorbets are all made right here in Taranaki, and our van is purpose built, we require no power supply etc. We also have mobile EFTPOS for customer convenience.

    Gelato is Italian Ice Cream, made from milk, there fore much lower in fat, sugar and calorie content. It is a much healthier treat option.

    Sorbets are a water based Ice Cream, still nice and smooth, not icy. These are perfect for any customers whom have an allergy to Dairy. They are very refreshing, tart and all contain real fruit.

    I would love to tell you more about us, however it will be an even longer email. Look forwards to hearing from you, thanks very much, Katrina

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