Board of Trustees – Governance

Board of Trustees

The Vogeltown School Board of Trustees meet twice a term in the staff room at Vogeltown Senior School (check our school newsletter or calendar for dates). The BOT is involved with the governance of the school (school policy information, involved in setting the school charter), work alongside the Principal on the strategic plan and a range of governance type roles. The current Board of Trustees representatives  for 2021-2022 term are:

  • Jeremy Ogle – Principal
  • Mike Miners – Chairperson
  • Peta Apperley – Strategic planning
  • Rebecca Williamson – Policies
  • Nita Hutchinson – Privacy officer & Policies
  • Steve Venables – Treasurer
  • Rachel Pretty – Staff representative
  • Suzy Wolfe – Secretary

Anyone may contact the BoT care of the school office.

Meeting  dates 2021:

TERM 1: 16 Feb & 30 March TERM 2: 18 May & 22 June

TERM 3: 10 August & 14 September  TERM 4: 2 November & 7 December

Charter & Strategic Plans:

Recent ERO report:

ERO report 2017


Agenda 16/2/21

Agenda 30/3/21

Agenda 18/5/21

Agenda 22/6/21

Agenda 10/8/21

Agenda 14/9/21

Recent BOT Minutes:

Minutes 16/2/21

Minutes 30/3/21

Minutes 18/5/21

Minutes 10/8/21

Annual report:

Annual report 2016 (for 2015)

Annual report 2017 (for 2016)

Annual report 2018 (for 2017)

Annual report 2019 (for 2018)

Annual report 2020 (for 2019)

Annual report 2021 (for 2020)


Vogeltown School use ‘School docs’ for all our policies and procedures. Please use the following link and login using the login details to read our policies:

login: vogeltown, password: huatoki

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Ministry of Education

The links below take you to various Ministry of Education Information pages.

Vogeltown School Ministry of Education Institution number 2258