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Vogeltown Adventure 2023

We took the entire school (all 350 akonga) for an adventure on Friday 10th Feb! The Paetoki (senior team) walked all the way from school to meet the rest of the school at Parihamore Pa. The Huatoki (Middle team) walked from Coronation Ave, along the Avery reserve to Parihamore Pa. The Taranaki (junior team) got to go on a bus to the cemetery then walked down and then up to Parihamore Pa.

Why Parihamore Pa? Well this is where Urukinaki used to live with her whanau. It is a trukly amazing story and you can find the entire story here:

We then went past Puketarata Pa, down a big hill to the walkway. We went to East end beach fro lunch and ‘Tug o war’! It was an awesome day! We are already planning our next adventure!!

See some more photos here: