The Taranaki Arts Festival begins on August 17 and it’s jam-packed with family friendly shows! These are a few your children are sure to enjoy:

Wellington, NZ. 9 March 2015. Dirt & Other Delicious Ingredients, at Shed 6, by Java Dance Company. Part of the Capital E National Arts Festival, March 2015. Photo credit: Stephen AíCourt. COPYRIGHT: ©Stephen AíCourt

Dirt And Other Delicious Ingredients is a great family outing on a Saturday morning! The dance and theatre works combines live music and imaginative storytelling to captivate the young, and the young-at-heart.
* Saturday, August 26, 10am, Theatre Royal, TSB Showplace. Admission from $15


Anatomy of The Piano is a charming show coming all the way from Scotland! This playful story takes you on a journey into the anatomy-of-the-piano-paul-james-gomes2world of the piano, how they evolved and why they make a perfect gift from Santa Claus!
* Thursday, August 31, 5.30pm, Theatre Royal, TSB Showplace. Admission from $20
* Friday, September 1, 6pm, Theatre Royal, TSB Showplace.


An Awfully Big Adventure is a show for the whole family. It talks about World War I in a

Wellington, NZ. 28.07.2014. Capital E National Theatre for Children presents An Awfully Big Adventure, national tour 2014. Photo credit: Stephen A’Court.  COPYRIGHT ©Stephen A’Court

way everyone can understand. Expect a thought-provoking and entertaining play filled with fun songs and clever set design.
* Thursday, August 24, 6pm, TSB Theatre, TSB Showplace. Admission from $15

For more information or for tickets, please visit www.artsfest.co.nz.