Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year whanau!

Welcome back to Vogeltown School for 2017 and welcome to our 20 new students for 2017, we hope that you find you

IMG_0342rself part of our Vogeltown family quickly!

Teachers and classes for 2017 are:


Rm 1 Mrs Adrienne Treadway, Rm 2 Mrs Heather Oliver, Rm 3 Mrs Lee Newland (AP), Rm 4 Miss Emma King, Rm 5 Mrs Jo Harold, Rm 6 Mrs Katie Stone & Mrs Leeanne Lash,


Rm 7 Mrs Linda Sleep, Rm 9 Mrs Laura Seed, Rm 11 Mrs Sheila Parker (DP), Rm 13 Mr Tom Lancaster


Rm 8 Mr Mike George (DP), Rm 10 Mr Nathan Ransfield, Rm 12 Mr Josh Stirling, Rm 14 Ms Rachel Pretty.

Any new enrolments for 2017 that we do not already know about, please come and see me, Mr Ogle on Thursday 26th January – I have blocked out this day to see new students and whanau.

Our School zone is in the final throws of being put in place. Please see the VS Zoning tab at the top of our web page to see the map. At this stage we are not able to take any more students in to our middle school (Yr 3 and 4) as these classes are at capacity (31+). However, if you are in the zone, then please feel free to come and see us!

If you are looking for stationery lists, then please see the tab at the top labelled Stationery link

All dates for Term 1 are on the calendar – please see the tab at the top of the web page labelled Calendar link

We are looking forward to a dynamic year!! 🙂

Mr O.