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Newsletter No: 13 – 29 May

Click here to view: No 13 – 29th May 2014

Highlights include: Best of the Best, traffic congestion, mathathon, book fair, sports news and draws, and so much more!!

haroldThe Life Education Trust has been at school this week with each syndicate learning a different topic.  This is a mobile classroom that comes around every year with specialised teachers.

The Junior School topic is “Harold’s Picnic”

Middle School topic is “I’m Different”

Senior School topic is “Brainy Bunch”- a focus on the brain.

Newsletter No: 11 – 15th May

Click here to view:  No 11 – 15th May 2014

Highlights include: Staff changes, school donations, pancake morning, Life Ed, Four Year Old Fridays, Nits!!!, and much much more.

stock-footage-traffic-cone-in-the-background-moving-carsTraffic Congestion at school: Parents and caregivers, you are not permitted to drive into the school to park or drop off immediately before school or pick up immediately after school, unless approval has been given due to disability etc issues. You can assist by:
• If possible, dropping off / picking up your child somewhere other than immediately outside the school – we have set some safe drop off zones
• Obeying all parking and traffic rules.
• Ensuring you are parked legally when dropping off / picking up
• Ensuring your child crosses roads only on pedestrian crossings.